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Beneficiaries Update - Youth Outreach

Publish Date: 31 Jul, 2017


Changing Young People’s Lives through Dance

(Photo Credit: Youth Outreach)


“Most people think that breakdancing is like doing acrobatics and taking up dancing does not help with your career. That was why I was worried about my parents’ objection when I first tried to dance. It was until when I joined the dance programme at Youth Outreach and my parents saw my achievements that they really did not object anymore. To me, such support is very important. And even more important is that I have realised that if I do what I love with perseverance, I will find the goal in my life one day,” recalled Nuburn who has developed his self-confidence through dancing after losing his way of life for years.


Youth Outreach is dedicated to helping at-risk young people grow into responsible members of the community. It provides non-mainstream career training programmes to help those who have dropped out of school, have drug abuse problems, or have once joined a triad society to develop their interest and persistence in pursuing a career and put themselves back to society. Youth Outreach is one of the organisations which have received a funding from the Sedan Chair Charities Fund in 2016/2017 and Nuburn is one of the beneficiaries. Through dancing, Nuburn ascertains what he achieves the best and where his life is headed.




For years, Nuburn always felt lost without a goal in his life. Once, he took up a dance programme at Youth Outreach where he found dancing very challenging. On top of that, the instructors there showed great enthusiasm, giving him a lot of encouragement that boosted his self-confidence. Presently Nuburn works for Youth Outreach. He helps organise activities from which he has honed his skills in managing administrative work and using computer software like Word, Photoshop and Video Editor. More importantly, he has learned the importance of preparation to success.


In addition to career training programmes, Youth Outreach provides many other platforms for young people to get to know different cultures and knowledge, inspiring them to continue learning. As Nuburn said, “As breakdance originated from the USA, the best way to know more about its history and evolution is through talking to Americans directly. This has motivated me to learn better English.” Today Nuburn can speak fluent English and feels easy talking to expatriates.


Nuburn has set a clear life goal for himself to continue to study dancing and develop his career in the field. “Dance instructors teach a lot of people and change their lives, and I aspire to be one. I firmly believe that if I work hard, I will achieve my aspiration one day.”




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