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Being our volunteer


The Sedan Chair Charities Fund announces with sadness that the annual Sedan Chair Charities Race will be suspended indefinitely from 2018. The Sedan Chair Race has been held at the Matilda for the past 42 years and this decision was only made after an objective and detailed review and careful consideration of the charity race arena and donation trend in general and sustainability of the Race as a fundraising engine.


We would like to extend a sincere thanks to our sponsors, race teams, supporters and volunteers that have contributed passion, time, donations and resources that enabled the Sedan Chair Charities Fund to raise over $70 million for over 143 small grassroots charities.  These funds have made a lot of community work possible for smaller grassroot charities who do amazing work bettering people’s lives.


The Sedan Chair Charities Fund is a charity of Matilda International Hospital and they will continue to support local communities with initiatives that are focused around contributing medical expertise and helping children from around the region that need life-changing surgery through the work of the Matilda Children’s Foundation.